Extending the post-harvest life of the products is possible with cooling systems and atmosphere controlled storage. In atmosphere controlled rooms, the atmosphere surrounding the product is changed by adding or removing gas from the atmosphere, as it would be different from the normal atmospheric level. The cooling system is identical to the standard cold storage. Additionally, it is necessary to change the air composition in the room. For this purpose rooms constructed as gas tight. Due to the reduction of the rate of oxygen in the controlled atmosphere, the respiration rate of the products decreases, the metabolism slows down, and maturation and aging are delayed. This allows the products to be stored much longer than their normal storage period.

  • Providing and installation of atmosphere control equipment(Nitrogen generators, CO2 absorber O2 / CO2 analyzers, ethylene absorber, gas tight room doors etc.)
  • Installation of gas tight rooms and doors
  • Precise controlled cooling systems for CA
  • In accordance with HACCP standards and European Norms
  • Precise remote control and monitoring with PLC/SCADA