Milk refrigeration is a mandatory application to ensure a safe and high quality product till to consumer. Alkatherm Mekanik as a refrigeration expert, design the most reliable cooling systems with innovative and latest technologies for your needs.

  • Ice water systems
  • Baudelot type coolers
  • Fast cooling rooms for yoghurt
  • Cold rooms for cheese
  • Frozen storage for butter
  • Cooling and heating for incubation rooms
  • Cooling systems for process halls with textile air sock
  • Fully stainless steel air cooler unit designs
  • High energy efficiency, precise controlled central refrigeration systems
  • Hygienic evaporator design in accordance with HACCP
  • Engine room design standards in accordance with European Norms
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption evaporative condenser applications
  • Production areas air conditioning systems
  • Precise remote control and monitoring with PLC/SCADA